Speed thrills. Thatís the motto Sarika Sehrawat has lived by all her life. And thatís what has made her Indiaís first ever woman car racer, and among the few professional women rallyists in the country.

Starting with roller skates ó they were faster than mere walking ó and moving on to cycles, bikes and finally motor sports, the Gurgaon-based 26 year old girl has come a long way.

This simple, extraordinarily attractive, tall and lanky girl has in fact had a very ordinary upbringing. She graduated from Venkateshwara College, Delhi University and then went on to do an MBA from the Fore School of Management, Delhi. Till recently she was juggling a corporate career with her passion for rallying. But it was only a few months ago she made a tough decision to give up her cushy contemporary job to devote full time to her first love, car rallies.

She could have climbed the corporate ladder with ease, given her educational background, but, the speed and thrill of her adventure sport enslaved her. She is adamant about her goals and very sure about what she wants to do. And does not regret missing out on all the fun and parties that people of her age engage in. She would rather be racing with the boys than running behind them! 

Breaking into a patriarchal field was not easy. Despite corporate backing, JK Tyres which has nurtured talents of top notch Indian racers like Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandok.  has played a big role in launching her. Sarika had to contend with people who expected her to flunk the test. She came out with flying colours instead, concluding with a terrific finish as ninth among 14 drivers in the very commencing race of her career.                                                                                          Next Page>>